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When the garage door, of your Plano home, is broken or malfunctioning, make it smile with a service call from Garzonas Overhead Garage Door. Why? Because the garage is the smile of your Plano home, when it looks beautiful and functions properly, your home smiles brightly and don’t forget a nice-looking garage door makes a good first impression. When it comes time to service your garage door and return that smile, our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to help.

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Garage Door Services, in Plano, From Garzonas Overhead Door

Since day one Garzonas Overhead Garage Door has been committed to offering the most trusted and dependable Plano garage door service and repair. How do we do it? One simple mantra – No job is too big or too small.

Our experienced, professional, and fully-trained Plano garage door technicians can promptly identify any garage door issue and provide a personalized recommendation that is backed by the trusted and depending service our customers have come to expect. With a 100% professional work ethic you can trust every Garzonas Overhead Garage Door technician to give the garage door of your Plano home the service it requires to keep it operating at its best.

Garage Door Service and Repairs – Plano

Garage doors that do not work properly not only pose major home security and property damage issues but pose potential safety hazards to Plano area homes and businesses. Thousands of injuries from defective or damaged garage doors are reported each year, and many of these could have been avoided with a regular professional maintenance and repair schedule.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our Plano team will come by immediately to do an inspection and diagnose the issue. Below are some of the items we cover:

  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Broken Springs
  • Door Off Tracks
  • Cable Drums
  • Door Balance
  • Door Cables
  • Door Rollers
  • Torsion Springs
  • Center Bearing Plate
  • Side Bearing Plates
  • Back hangs Secure
  • Lubrication
  • Door Opener
  • Reinforcing Struts
  • Flag Brackets
  • Vertical Track Alignment
  • Horizontal Track Alignment
  • Section Hinges
  • Garage Door Header
  • Garage Door Jambs
  • Spring Pad
  • Torsion Shaft
  • Bottom Weather seal
  • Fasteners Secure
  • Safety Reverse
  • Force Settings
  • Operator Motor
  • Trolley Rail
  • Limit Settings
  • J-Arm Mounting
  • Emergency Release
  • Photo Eye Sensors

Garage Door Not Working Properly? – Plano

Garzonas Overhead Garage Door can have the garage door of your Plano home repaired quickly. Contact Us Now to Set Up an Inspection and Service Estimate.

Your garage door is one of the largest and most visible parts of your Plano residence or business. With so much time and money invested in your property, it makes perfect sense that you would want a garage door that adds value and appeal and works properly while offering maximum protection against all weather and security issues.

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